Call to Action

The Call to Action is an international petition that urges policy-makers and all other relevant stakeholders to give high priority to quality treatment and care for patients with rare cancers.

This was launched on 24 June 2009 as part of the Rare Cancers Europe (RCE) initiative. You can read the full  Call to Action here

Please sign the Call to Action Against Rare Cancers to register your support.

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List of Signatories ( 1235 )

Date Name Organisation
29/03/15 Mauro C. Janoski, MD, FACP Premier Hematology and Oncology Services
27/02/15 Pedro Gustavo Reis
22/02/15 Akira Kawai National Cancer Center Hospital
26/01/15 ferrand Université Paris-Sud 11, CNRS-UMR 8126, Hôpital du Val de Grâce, Institut Gustave Roussy
19/12/14 Lydie Meheus anticancer fund
18/11/14 Eric Nelson NCE Biotech LLC
08/11/14 Adrienne De Potter-Buntsma
01/11/14 ASANACHE MARCEL Private - Romanian Pastor
05/07/14 Sergio Sandrucci Sarcoma and rare visceral Cancers Unit - University of Turin
05/07/14 Armenian Hematology Association Armenian Hematology Association