ECC 2015: Rare Cancer Activities & Highlights

Three ECC 2015 sessions with a focus on rare cancers

Paediatric Oncology Society Session: European Society for Pediatric Oncology (SIOPE)

26 Sept 10:30-12:30

  • Chair: G. Vassal (France) 
  • Co-Chair: M. Schrappe (Germany)

10:30: Introduction of the session

  • Speaker: M. Schrappe (Germany)

10:35: Presentation of the Lifetime Achievement Award

  • Speaker: G. Vassal (France)

10:40: Lifetime Achievement Award Presentation

  • Speaker: H.F. Jürgens (Germany)

10:55: Merit Award Presentation

Speaker: R. Hill (United Kingdom)

11:10: Future of paediatric oncology

  • Speaker: G. Vassal (France)

11:35: Improving radiotherapy for children and adolescents

  • Speaker: T. Boterberg (Belgium)

12:00: Maximising the opportunities from a very rare tumour portfolio: the siopel experience

  • Speaker: B. Morland (United Kingdom)

12.25: Take home message

  • Speaker: M. Schrappe (Germany) 


Oncopolicy Forum: Tackling Rare Cancers Requiring Specialist Care: European Reference Networks

28 Sept 17:00 - 18:30

  • Chair: P.G. Casali (Italy)

17:15: The patient perspective

  • Speaker: J. Geissler (Germany)

17:30: The research perspective: SPECTARARE

  • Speaker: D. Lacombe (Belgium)

17:45: Spotlight on ERN in paediatric cancer: ExPO-r-Net

  • Speaker: R. Ladenstein (Austria)

18:00: Views from the policy makers' perspective

  • Speaker: T. Voigtlaender (Austria) 

Questions from the audience


Scientific Symposium: Bayesian, Adaptive and Rare Disease Designs

29 Sept 09:00 - 10:30

  • Chair: U. Dafni (Greece)
  • Co-Chair: B. Ryll (Sweden)

09:00: Design in rare disease: The oncologist perspective

  • Speaker: P.G. Casali (Italy)

09:20: Implementing innovative trial design in small patient populations in childhood cancers

  • Speaker: K. Wheatley (United Kingdom)

09:40: Pitfalls and advantages of using adaptive trial designs in phase III trials

  • Speaker: M. Mauer (Belgium)

10:00: Multi-arm, multi-stage designs: Are they deliverable?

  • Speaker: M. Parmar (United Kingdom)

Discussion & Roundup


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