University Post-Graduate Course - Clinical Oncology: Sarcomas

Milan, Italy - 22 Jan - 26 Jan 2018

Advancing knowledge and skills of soft tissue and bone sarcoma clinical management

The University of Milan, Italy, in close collaboration with the European School of Oncology, organised the first post-graduate course on clinical oncology of sarcomas.

This programme is addressed to an international audience of clinical oncologists interested in advancing their knowledge and skills on the clinical management of soft tissue and bone sarcomas in a multidisciplinary context. It lasted one week for a total of 30 teaching hours, with English being the official language.

Learning Objectives

  • To provide an overview of current multidisciplinary state-of-the-art treatments of all sarcomas (soft tissue sarcomas, GIST, bone sarcomas)
  • To discuss relevant clinical cases on a multidisciplinary basis
  • To establish connections for future distance clinical mentoring/tutoring/networking

Scientific Coordinator: P.G. Casali
Further details can be found here.