Date Title
27 Sep 2015 ECC 2015 Press Release: Genetic Screening of Brain Metastases Could Reveal New Targets for Treatment
27 Sep 2015 ECC 2015 Press Release: Results of International Trial Show Promise in Rare, Difficult to Treat Cancer: results from the RADIANT-4 trial
26 Sep 2015 ESMO @ ECC 2015: Regional Hyperthermia Added to Neoadjuvant Chemotherapy Doubles Length of Overall Survival in Patients With Localised High-Risk Sof...
24 Sep 2015 ECC 2015: Rare Cancer Activities & Highlights
18 Sep 2015 Are 'Cinderella' cancers more common than you think?
16 Sep 2015 New drugs could stop the growth of drug-resistant childhood tumors
14 Aug 2015 RCE Patient Advocates course: meeting resources
01 Aug 2015 ESMO E-Learning: Multidisciplinary Treatment for Glioblastoma
26 Jun 2015 RCE Patient Advocates course on the Methodology of clinical studies in rare cancers
22 Jun 2015 Updated MAC-NPC meta-analysis: concomitant chemotherapy to radiotherapy improves survival in locoregionally advanced nasopharyngeal carcinoma
04 Jun 2015 Press Release: Workshop on chordoma discusses challenges of drug development for rare cancers
04 Jun 2015 ASCO 2015: Phase III Randomised Trial Shows Superiority of Lenalidomide/Dexamethasone With Elotuzumab for Relapsed/Refractory Multiple Myeloma
30 Apr 2015 EMA/ESMO/Rare Cancers Europe: Joint workshop on chordoma as a model for very rare cancers
01 Apr 2015 Translational Study Identifies BRAF V600E Mutation And CDKN2A Deletion As Markers For Malignant Transformation In Low-Grade Paediatric Gliomas
24 Mar 2015 Press Release: Urgent Need For European Reference Networks For Rare Cancers